Your Body Already Knows What it Needs to Thrive

The human body is designed to live and thrive on whole food and fresh water, so it makes sense that it can also be healed with the same things.

Nature provides us with everything we need to not only improve, but maintain our health.

Even if you have been told, "That there is nothing more that can be offered". The Functional Medicine (healthcare) model will evaluate, prioritize and focus on any imbalances in the body’s systems. You have additional options for health.

Quality Resources for Optimal Healing & Maintenance

Our office uses organic, whole food vitamins, minerals, and herbs to assist in the healing process. We are proud to offer a wide range of premium supplements to our patients as part of a holistic plan of therapy.



"Dr. Blackman is very caring and thorough. He genuinely listens and addresses concerns. I have never felt as though he is rushing during an appointment so that he can move on to his next patient. Dr. Blackman has helped me thaw a frozen shoulder and more recently to get over a virus. During both of these difficult times, Dr. Blackman reached out to check on me between appointments. It's so nice to have a practitioner that truly cares about your overall wellbeing." -Kathy F.

"Dr. Blackman has been a wonderful help in my recovery from intestinal issues along with stress related anxiety. The nutritional supplements have truly started my road to recovery from both issues along with important education on how the healing with supplements work. Both Dr. Blackman and the office nutritionist, Janelle have been both accessible and flexible in scheduling my appointments and frequent questions. Dr. Blackman has also helped my friend , husband and daughter. We can’t recommend his practice enough." -Julie L.

"I don’t know where I’d be without Dr Blackman. My allergies were through the roof my health was waning. I am in control of all my allergens and health issues. I recommend him for all of your Health needs and nutritional needs he not only gets five stars for me he gets 10" -Denise B.

"Dr. Blackman & Janelle have helped me out greatly! Dr. Blackman's approach has benefitted me simply by improving my diet I have been able to produce at higher levels, feel better, & be a better person. I think it’s very important as a society that we be open to new ideas & methods of what we eat. I thought I was “healthy” for a long time till I looked at pictures prior to changing my diet. After reading labels to watch my health I started to realize why I felt the way I felt. It’s simple; if you eat unhealthy foods you will be unhealthy. If you eat healthy foods you will be healthy. Grateful for my experience with Dr. Blackman as I am not sure where I would be without making the necessary changes I needed to make." -Griffin G.

"Tough to express the gratitude I have for Dr. Blackman and Janelle! I started seeing them a couple weeks after recovering from a virus and was having a very difficult time completely recovering from the lingering symptoms. I was experiencing shortness of breath, fatigue, and most of bodies systems seemed to be out of whack. Dr. Blackman put me on a program that started yielding results within a couple of weeks, and Janelle made sure I kept my nutrition on track. I enjoyed my weekly appointments and experiencing the very real progress happening every week! Now, 5 months later, happy to say the lingering symptoms that many experienced have gone away and I feel great. I would recommend Complementary Applied Nutrition to anyone!" -Brandon G.

"My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Blackman for many years. Our gratitude for the work that he and Janelle do is immeasurable. His ability to integrate a holistic approach to our medical and physical issues is amazing. He has helped my wife through a host of medical issues including helping her in her recovery from the toxic side effects of chemo and radiation as she continues to fight the fight. Always keeping her quality of health and well being a top priority. With an original diagnosis of 3 months, now approaching 3 years. The results speak for themselves. He helps me with my allergies, arthritis and degenerative discs. Allowing me to do every day things that may not otherwise be possible. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We highly recommend this team of caring professionals to all. Give it a try. You won't regret it!" Bryan B.

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